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How to create a perfect Mylar bag for your products

(Phase 1) Design your Artwork:

Crafting the perfect artwork for your custom mylar bags is essential to represent your brand and captivate your customers. Here are key considerations that we at Box up packaging will help for designing your artwork:

  1. Brand Logo: Prominently feature your brand logo for instant recognition and brand association.
  2. Brand Colors: Use consistent brand colors to maintain brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience.
  3. Product Imagery: include high-quality Images or renders of your products to showcase their appeal and entice customers.
  4. Typography: Choose fonts that align with your brand personality and ensure legibility. Utilize different font sizes and styles for emphasis and hierarchy.
  5. Brand Messaging: Incorporate taglines, slogans, or product descriptions that effectively communicate your brand’s message and value.
  6. Layout and Balance: Arrange elements in a visually pleasing and balanced manner, considering the hierarchy of information and creating a focal point.
  7. Clear Information: Ensure that essential details such as product name, weight, and other necessary information are clearly visible and easy to read.

Remember, your artwork should reflect your brand’s uniqueness and stand out among competitors while effectively conveying your product’s appeal and quality.

Phase 2: Choose Stock:

Enhance Your Marketing with High-Quality Materials. The material you choose for your custom mylar bags plays a vital role in shaping your brand perception and marketing success.

  1. PET Metallized Custom Mylar Pouch PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is widely used in the food and beverage industry. By metallizing it with MPET, your bags become UV resistant and have an extended shelf life.
  2. Clear PET: Clear PET is specifically designed for creating transparent windows on your bags. This feature entices onlookers to examine your cannabis products, boosting their appeal and generating interest.
  3. Custom Holographic Mylar Bag: Choose metallized PET material for a modern and edgy design that stands out on store shelves. The holographic effect attracts attention and sparks curiosity among potential customers.
  4. Brown Kraft Paper Mylar Bag: For a natural and healthy vibe, opt for a combination of durable kraft paper and PET or MPET. This material gives your packaging a more organic feel, aligning with eco-conscious branding. In Addition to that this stock is totally recyclable other than the plastic Sealing on the top.


Embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions with Polylactic Acid (PLA). It’s a recyclable plastic that complies with new state regulations for single use mylar packaging, allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Recyclable Options Choose 100% recyclable bags that maintain the exceptional qualities of standard mylar bags. By utilizing recyclable materials, your brand showcases its values and embraces a sustainable future.

Making an informed decision about the material for your custom printed mylar bags is vital to create a positive brand image and resonate with environmentally conscious customers.

Phase 3: Customize / Select your preferred Size:

They say size isn’t everything, but when it comes to custom wholesale mylar bags, it can make a significant impact. Our range of sizes ensures that you find the perfect fit for your needs, from small 1-gram bags to larger pound bags, and everything in between. We even offer customizable options, so you’re not limited to standard 3.5-gram bags. Choose the size that best suits your brand’s requirements.

Standard Sizes:

1) 1 Gram Cannabis Bags Bag size: 3” x 4.5”

2)  3.5 Mylar Foil Bag size: 3.7” x 5”

3) 7 grams Mylar Pre Roll Bag size: 4.5” x 6.5”

4)  14 grams Mylar Eighth Bag size: 5” x 8.1”

5)  Pre-roll Mylar Bag size: 2.4” x 7.2”

6)  28 grams Bag size: 6” x 9.3”

7)  56 grams Bag size: 12” x 9”

8)  448 grams Pouche size: 14.6” x 16.4”

No matter the quantity you require, we have the right size to meet your unique specifications, on top of that we can even make custom sized mylar bags with your customized design.

Select Your Desired Add-Ons:

To create the perfect look and feel for your brand, it’s important to choose the right add-ons that complement your materials, design, and print options. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Tamper-Evident Mylar Bags: Tear Notch Add a perforated laser-lined tear notch above the opening of your bags to ensure compliance with state regulations for tamper-evident packaging.
  2. Custom Stand-Up Pouches with Gusset: Enhance the display of your custom stand-up pouches by adding a gusset, which provides stability and allows them to stand upright on shelves.
  3. Rounded and Straight Corner Mylar Bags: Choose between rounded or straight corners for your bags, depending on the aesthetic you prefer. We can accommodate both rectangular and round corner options.
  4. Hang Mylar Pouches: Make your bags versatile and convenient with Box up packaging by adding a hang hole. This feature allows your bags to be easily displayed on peg boards or hooks for maximum visibility.

Get a window that helps you see through the bag and highlight the quality of your products with clear windows incorporated into your mylar bag design. Create uniquely shaped windows that make your brand stand out among the competition.

Select Your Desired Finish:

  1. Matte or Gloss Finish: Choose between a glossy or matte finish for your custom Mylar pouches. A glossy finish adds shine and vibrancy, while a matte finish offers a sophisticated and Dull and elegant look.
  2. Spot UV: Add a spot UV coating to specific areas of your bag, such as your company logo, to create a glossy effect that contrasts with the matte finish of the rest of the bag. This technique enhances the quality and uniqueness of your packaging, setting your brand apart.
  3. Hot Foiling: Custom Hot Foil Stamped Mylar Bags opt for hot foil stamping, a relief printing method, to transfer pre-dried inks or foils onto your bags at high temperatures. The highly reflective foils add a touch of luxury, enhancing the material contrast and overall quality of your bags.
  4. Soft Touch Lamination: Soft Touch Mylar Bags Give your bags a distinct tactile experience with a soft-touch finish. This can be achieved by applying a soft-touch laminate film or coating, providing a smooth and velvety feel that adds a unique sensory dimension to your packaging.
  5. Embossing: Make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression with premium embossing. By adding raised designs or text to your mylar bag, you convey professionalism and give your customers a memorable tactile experience. With that giving your product a final touch you can have a unique design with the help of Box up packaging.
Box Style Customized, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Style , Sleeve Style Box , Mailer Style Collapsible Mag Closure etcetera.
Dimension Dimension or the size of the box is usually measured with the help of Length x Width X Height Formula             ( Height = Top to Bottom of the box), Width (Left to right of the box) and Length front to back of the box.
Size All Custom Size and standard sizes are Available.
Quantities 100 to 500,000 boxes can be ordered in one month.
Paper Stock 10pt to 24pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock, Uncoated Super White Cardboard and Rigid Stock.
Printing Type Offset printing Method, Screen Printing, Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors.
Finishing Or Add ons Soft Touch Lamination ,Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing Debossing and Foiling.
Additional Options Creasing , Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation, Blind Embossing, Window Patching, (Gold, silver, Copper, Red, Blue Foil Stamping)
Design Proofing Box Template (free), Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request Paid)
Turnaround Time Standard Turnaround Time:After getting the artwork approved, it takes 9 to 11 business days for producing the boxes and further 24 to 48 Hours for the shipment to be delivered at your doorstep. Custom add on orders can take 2 to 4 days extra.
Expedite Turnaround Time Once the job is sent for production after the approval of artwork the production will take at least 4 to 6 Biz days for printing and further 24 to 48 hours for delivery at your doorstep. Urgent deadlines can be achieved.
Shipping services We use DHL, FedEx USPS and UPS to Ship boxes. Sea shipping is also an option that can be considered on specific requests.


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