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Striped Pillow Boxes

Wholesale Custom Printed Pillow boxes & it’s Used In Retail Packaging

First of all we need to know what Pillow box is? Pillow boxes are elegantly curved box featuring flaps that overlap for secure closure, making it an ideal choice for packaging small gifts, jewellery, or accessories.

Pillow boxes and their uses in the retail industry:

In the modern age more the attractive and unique packaging is, the more it attracts customers from different industries, the current market landscape, the demand for pillow boxes is substantial. Box Up Packaging caters to both individual customers and retailers, offering a diverse range of pillow packaging solutions. If you run a large-scale business and require a significant quantity of wholesale pillow boxes, Boxuppackaging is your ideal source for custom pillow box solutions. Pillow boxes are a low-cost solution for every retail packaging, that’s why they sell like hotcakes. They come almost assembled, you just need to pop them out from the sides, and boom they are ready to use.

Usage in Special Events and Occasions:

Pillow boxes find special favor as gift containers during unique and memorable events. Their distinct and attractive appearance makes them a popular choice. In European countries, it’s become a trend to distribute pillow boxes filled with chocolates and candies at parties and weddings, adding a delightful touch to these celebrations.

Their unique shape also makes them ideal as gift boxes at weddings and marriages. Across the world, renowned chocolate brands often opt for pillow-shaped boxes for their delectable treats. In Asia, the practice of gifting pillow boxes filled with candies at parties and weddings is widespread. To enhance their appeal, decorative elements like greeting cards, ribbons, and flowers are often added to adorn these pillow gift boxes.

Utilization in the Cosmetic Industry:

Pillow boxes have gained significant traction in the cosmetic industry due to their captivating aesthetics and practicality. Many top cosmetic brands utilize pillow boxes for product packaging. The widespread production and consumption of wholesale pillow boxes underscore their relevance in various retail businesses. These boxes are particularly favored for packaging high-demand cosmetic items such as creams, mascara, eyeshadow, hair extensions, and various other beauty products.

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Applicability in the Food and Chocolate Industry:

Pillow box packaging holds equal importance in the food and Chocolate Industry, akin to its role in other retail businesses. The inclusion of an aluminum-coated interior layer in pillow boxes enhances their durability and protective qualities, making them suitable for preserving food items like chocolates and candies. Pillow boxes are commonly employed for storing and distributing chocolates, candies, sugar, beans, dry fruits, and other food products. Additionally, hanging pillow boxes serve various needs within the medicine industry.

Considering the numerous advantages of pillow box packaging, integrating this packaging style into your product’s marketing strategy is a wise choice, whether you’re an established company or launching a new product for a successful market presence.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Pillow Packaging?


• Easy assembly thanks to its single-piece construction and curved shaped like pillows
• A combination of functionality, chic aesthetics, and eco-friendliness.
• Ideal for packaging small gifts and party favours.
• Enhanced durability with a protective coating for added safety.
• Sleek and modern pillow-shaped box design for a sophisticated product presentation.


• They are not a good fit for shipping due to its shape and
• Pillow boxes cannot be used for heavy products.
• They can only be used for retail packaging.

How can you customize your pillow Boxes?

You can customize your pillow boxes with multiple add-on’s like
You can have a cutout window for a customer to see what’s inside and how it looks like.
Pillow boxes can be customized with a hanging tab on top of it so it can be hanged on the counter shelf for display.

Material Choice for Pillow Boxes

When it comes to selecting materials for pillow boxes, the choice ultimately lies with the customer. Cardboard and Kraft are two commonly chosen materials, both possessing the necessary strength and durability to withstand the journey to their delivery destinations.

Pillow boxes crafted from Kraft and Cardboard offer protection from both internal and external threats. Whether it’s food items or jewellery products, these boxes prove highly suitable, combining practicality with a trendy appearance. Their accommodating nature requires less space for product placement, making them a favourite among retailers who often display them prominently on their front shelves due to their unique and eye-catching shape.

Why Choose Box Up Packaging:

Boxup Packaging serves your brand in various ways. We will assist you in every possible way, from designing to selecting the style of box for your Pillow box to delivering them to you in an efficient and quick way. Most significantly, we try to help your business to stand out as unique in the branding competition. Second, we also provide you with the opportunity to become more professional by designing your packaging in a unique way. Reach us out to or call us at 804 239 1996 for any inquiries.

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